Private Animal Communication Training

For just YOU!

with your teacher, Danielle Tremblay

 Classes held by Phone or Skype

This private, customized phone (or skype) training is designed for people who have never taken an animal communication course or those who are seeking a refresher.  It consist of 6 private training hours with Danielle. 

The 6 hours can be broken up over 1 weekend or spread out in six 1 hour increments over 1-6 weeks. 

This training is ideal for those who learn best in a one on one setting.  The student is taught the basic tools of communicating with animals, skills and techniques. 

Practice excercises take up the bulk of training time and feedback offered live on the call assists and guides you, as you explore your beginner skills.  Helping you practice the art of intuitively listening.

Training is designed to be enjoyable and heart centered, respecting the animals and the journey you, the beginner, are on.  This is a solid training class for any beginner student. 

This customonized training covers much of the same materia as the in-person or zoom course. 

The difference is it moves at your pace with 100% individualized attention  

This 6 hour Animal Communication Training Course teaches…


  • You how to become centered and present to intuitively sensing energy via a series of exercises and techniques
  • Learn how to go about tuning into an animal
  • Learn how to open and receive intuitive impressions
  • Learn how to send thoughts and images to an animal and practice interpreting the information they offer you!
  • Practice learning how to ask the right questions in order to learn more about their unique perspectives on things
  • Understand the ‘clues’ that generally accompany accurate information
  • Learn how to practice beyond this training in order to further strengthen your skills,to take yourself further!

You will also learn…

  • How to proceed when you don’t sense anything from an animal
  • What to do when moments of self doubt and insecurity show up
  • The ethics around communicating with animals
  • Practice talking with an array of master animal teachers and receive confirmation and feedback on your accuracy
  • Practice the art of allowing information to naturally unfold for you vs. reaching for the responses when interpretating the images, words, feelings that the animals send you

The practice animals throughout the trainings will include…

  • A variety of different animals which may include dogs, cats, turtles, guinea pigs, etc.
  • Sense what animals’ unique perspectives are on various topics from their preferences, their feelings about others, their relationships, their take on their environment, etc.
  • Each session hour grants you lots of opportunity to get good solid feedback and confirmation from Danielle on what you hear and what is missed (as both aspects help you to cultivate your accuracy)!
  • Receive a list of great starter questions you can ask practice animals outside of the course, to further practicing your skills.
  • Receive guidance on how to continue using the new tools, techniques and skills accessed within the training



  • You can expect 20% of class to be instructional and 80% experiential where you will be actively practicing talking with the animals.  Feedback, guidance and confirmation will be offered every step of the way.  ♥

Private training Cost for 6 hours of private 1:1  training  = $1,140.00.

This is the same standard rate I offer my 1 hour animal communication clients.  So 6 hours x $190/hour rate= $1140.00

Interested?   Click the application form link below, which better helps me get to know you .  Upon submission, allow 48 hours for a response.  We can then arrange to talk by phone (free) to answer questions and discuss the potential of working together in this way.


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Private Training Student Testimonials

“I Just finished my 1:1 training. Danielle is a great teacher. I always felt comfortable during our sessions, never felt judged or incapable. She always lifted me up and was very attuned to how I needed to learn something where I was stuck.”

Andie, UT

Taking the 1 : 1 training with Danielle was a wonderful and invaluable way to build confidence. Danielle is such a caring and sensitive guide and teacher.

I would really look forward to each session as she made developing animal communication skills and learning new ones such an enjoyable experience.  Each session builds on the last one and being in a 1 : 1, meant that Danielle was able help me to work on any fears or doubts that would come up about my ability to communicate and I cannot thank her enough for the support and encouragement I received.

Denise, Wales

“A very thought-out well constructed 1:1 phone course that gave me the confidence to communicate with animals on day one.  Loved Danielle’s mindset, her open-mindedness and her professionalism. It was everything I had hoped for and more.  I also really liked Danielle’s overall generosity of spirit: she held nothing back and very much tailored the course for those who may seek to turn professional themselves.  I feel much more confident about my abilities now and it was great fun every step of the way.”

Sandra, USA

“I have partnered with Danielle as a communicator with my animals, and as my interest in the practice grew, a teacher and animal communication coach.  Our 1:1 teaching and coaching sessions were rich with a huge volume of information about the “what” and plenty of practice time for the “how.”  From deepening my meditation practice, and unlocking new ways of grounding myself in a neutral space, to helping me give myself grace as a learner, Danielle consistently offered positive reinforcement, inspiration and respect of me and my learning process.  I am at the beginning of a wonderful journey and consider myself fortunate to have Danielle launch me on my path of animal communication.”

Corey, NY

When I started my 1:1 sessions with Danielle, I had taken many other workshops and courses but was feeling that there was not enough practice and validation.  I was still wondering if what I was getting from the animals was real or coming from my mind.  I didn’t trust myself enough and felt that I needed help. Danielle was the perfect answer.

Here is how Danielle helped me:

  • I was able to trust myself through regular ‘no pressure’ sessions spread over time. Danielle offered a very calm attitude and believed that I could do it.
  • When I was “in my doubt box”, she helped me to concentrate on what I was doing well instead of what I was missing.
  • On the communications side, I learned how to approach the animals, practiced many questions and eventually learned how to  do it methodically to get the animal’s truth with the same compassion and love that Danielle has for animals.

Danielle is very supportive, nonjudgmental, and working with her didn’t only helped me to become a better animal communicator and better learn to speak the animal’s truth but to also work from a more compassionate human attitude.  I am very lucky and grateful to have found her on my path of becoming a professional animal communicator.

Stella, France

“Danielle is a rare and natural teacher. She is grounded and organized, thus able to ensure that I received all the training that was needed. At the same time she was open, flexible, and agile in her ability to customize the 10 week training so it fit me exactly. My very highest appreciation and rating to Danielle!!

I chose to learn in a one-on-one setting because I know that sometimes my sensitive nature can be impacted by group dynamics. I’m so glad I chose this learning path as it was tremendously thorough and comprehensive and allowed much focus on my particular strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to learning Animal Communication Danielle also provides plenty of tips regarding the business aspect so I felt well prepared to also work with the people of the animals, and in a variety of settings.

At graduation, rather than feeling sent off on my own Danielle made suggestions as to how I could continue to practice both on my own and with inexpensive groups she organizes. It quickly became clear that I’d received a very thorough training and was well on my way to mastering Animal Communication!

Usually I like to read less than stellar reviews about something also, as this gives me a fuller insight into the teacher or product. In an attempt to round out my review I have given time and thought as to what was less than stellar about this 10 week course, or Danielle. I have come up empty. This is an exceptional offering in every way.”

Ellen, CO

“I have been teaching animal communication since 2008 and I absolutely love teaching!  This work allows a student to access themselves more deeply and to experience animals in new ways.  For example, to be able to sense what an animal is feeling as if you were one with them is the equivalent of ‘walking in another man’s shoes’, with them.  I love the connection and deepened relationships that result from being on conversation with other amazing beings wearing fur, feathers and scales!

When it comes to teaching, I love seeing people access their natural intuitive abilties.  There is a confidence that develops when one utilizes more of the skils the Divine gifted to us and when we begin to TRULY hear and sense animals the way we were all originally designed to do.

I also seek for interested others to experience the heart openings that I’ve experienced because it’s been the most joyful, amazing journey thus far in this lifetime!   Besides, when people and animals come together, so many hearts and minds open to more kindlness, more love and more understanding.

I genuinely wish this skill for all those who are asking for it. This path has been so satisfying and enriching for me, beyond measure!  I seek to share the joy of this path with others.  This is why I teach.

~Danielle Tremblay, Animal Communicator since 2006

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