Animal Communication Classes and Training for New Students

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1 Day In Person Class

Upcoming Class:  Saturday Nov. 2, 2019. 

See further below for details.

Designed for people with zero to some experience in animal communication!  Ideal for folks who learn best by being physically present in a group setting learning with and from fellow peers.  Work with animals in person (if available on site) and over a distance via photos.  All class content is taught in 1 day, unless otherwise stated.  Interested?  Click Here

Ten Week 1:1 Animal Communication Training (Phone or Skype)

Designed for people with no or some experience in animal communication!  Ideal for folks who can’t readily travel to an in person course or who simply prefer private phone/skype training!  With this style the course is customized to your learning speed and species/topic interests.  Already have some background in this work?  Great!  We can begin where your prior training left off! Interested?  Click Here

Common Questions New Students Ask

Q:  Can anyone learn to talk with animals telepathically?

A:  Yes.  If you have a sincere desire to learn or feel an inner pull to attend— trust that inner nudge! 

Whether you learn this work for your own inner spiritual growth or because you’re wanting to know the inner thoughts of animals more closely (or both)!  These and other reasons are good enough reasons to attend! 

How far you take this work and to what depth you go is determined by you.  Practice both in class and beyond can take you in such amazing directions!   ♥

Q: What does it take to sign up for a class? 

A:  You simply prepay online which registers you.  Aisde from that, it takes a willingness to step outside of your old paradigms of how you (and the average world) has been communicating with animals.  Which is limited mostly to the out loud spoken word and body language. If you’ve had your fill of that, then expanding to the skill of telepathy with animals is next in line in being more conscious with yourself and with animals. 

Why is this?  Because animal communication takes you to a deeper level in being with yourself and being with animals. 

Q:  Did you know that attending this (or any class that has the capacity to grow you), requires you to be both brave AND a cheerleader of yourself, for yourself?  

A:  You see, it takes bravery to do something completely brand new that we’ve not done before!  Especially if you’re in adult!  And it takes an open minded willingness to move forward and gift yourself with new experiences that the animals will share with you.

Q:  How do I become skilled and fluid in this work? 

A:  By immersing yourself in the practice of this work both in and beyond the classroom.  A practice is the ritual or action of doing something iagain and again.  This can help promote fluidity and ease both in the physical and energetic aspects of you as a being.  So let class, classmates, future practices and the animals themselves teach you. 

Q:  Does in person learning trump online or book based learning?

A:  Not necessarily.  You see, I do honestly believe that books and online teaching are just perfect avenues for some folks.  For others it can only take them so far.  We are all different! 

For me personally (back when I was first learning myself and had zero experience prior to my first class), I found that I needed to have a teacher there.  It was my learning style!

To this day, I feel there is so much to seeing, sensing and having a teacher in theflesh (or on the phone) in front of the average student. 

There is something to be said for  being fully immersed in a class setting, partaking in every way physically possible.  Or by being on a call with other peers or privately with your teacher, listening and learning from them.  You know that saying, “Where two or more are gathered….?”  Well, that kind of energy can be a catalyst, supporting your inner growth.  And when you are fully willing to be as present and optimistic as you can in your own learning, you offer yourself fuel too!  

“Danielle’s presence alone puts you in a state of peacefulness and awareness.  There is so much vital information shared in this basic 2 day course that opens a gateway to a lifelong journey of communication with self and all of life.  I am so very grateful to have had this experience.”

  ~Umerah, NM

    1 Day In Person Class

The 1 Day In Person class is called  The Basic Course: Learn How to Communicate with Animals.

This class is designed with many guided and independent exercises that guide and support you into learning how to open your intuitive senses to speaking with and hearing animals.  Great for people with no prior experience and simply a genuine desire to learn.  Feedback, guidance and confirmation is given along the way!

This amazing class offers a solid foundation for those just starting out.  New students are encouraged to continue to practice beyond the class in order to become fluid in their learnings.

Course Description:

Part 1:   Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your receptive awareness of animals and utilize your own natural intuitive abilities. Learn tools and techniques to send and receive telepathic information and widen your awareness of who animals really are. Deepen your communion with all life as you prepare for working directly with the animals.

Part 2:  After lunch, learn how to focus and quiet your mind when being with animals. Learn how to best approach communication with them.  Learn to energetically see from an animal’s perspective to experience their unique point of view.  Practice talking with animals present in the class and with animals at home (through photos) to receive their thoughts, images and feelings. Discover your successes and blocks to communicating.  Leave class with the basic tools necessary to communicate as you continue to hone your skill, increasing your fluidity over time.

Class Hours: 8am-4pm.  Short breaks are offered throughout the day along with time built in for a 45 minute lunch hour.

Investment: $150.00/person

Items to Bring: Pen/paper, still photos of your animal family & a bagged lunch.  Students encouraged to eat on site.

Recommended Prior Reading: Animal Talk by Penelope Smith

What Students are Saying…

Dear Danielle,  Thank you so much for the animal communication training you conducted with Jennifer and I this weekend. It was awesome!!!

Please thank your 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles and guinea pig for helping you train us on our journey in learning to communicating with animals. I am sure it will continue to be a journey of self discovery, as well as, a sacred trust to enhance our relationships with our own animals, as well as assist as many animals and their people as we can.

You obviously have a great affinity for communicating with your animals.  I know that animals have so much to teach us, and I am excited to hear what lessons my current babies and my babies at the Rainbow Bridge have come into my life to teach me.  Thank you again for an enjoyable and inspiring day of learning!
Mary, SC

It began with having an Animal Communication session with Danielle, after which I found out she would be giving a class the following month. I immediately signed up with no hesitation! I can’t recommend Danielle enough! The information she communicated from my animal family in our session really changed my life. And she is a natural, wonderful teacher. Her guidance is encouraging, empowering, kind and she radiates compassion. Whether you are considering booking a session or taking a class, Danielle is truly gifted at what she does and will encourage your gifts as well. 

Jennifer, SC

Upcoming 2019 IN Person Classes

To register and reserve your seat, prepay below.

Allow 24 hours to receive a confirmation email.  Seating is limited.

The address of the course will be sent following registration.

Class Cost:  $150.00

Are you interested in hosting Danielle to teach a 1 day class?  One host attends free in exchange for providing a comfortable teaching space plus a mininum number of paid students.  Want to know more?  Email me for more info.

  10 Week 1:1 Animal Communication Training (via Skype or Phone)

Do you seek to learn animal communication in a 1:1 private mentoring format?  By phone or skype?  Being guided by Danielle every step of the way?  Then this training may be for you!

This 10 Week Private Animal Communication Training is ideal for those completely new to animal communication or for those who may have taken a class or two and seek personalized assistance, more practice and/or further exposure to the aspects and topics around animal communication.  (This course is similar to the in person class held in Colorado Springs, but is more intensive and covers more ground and topics.)

This training is held via phone or skype and thus is ideal for long distance and international students!

During this training you will learn the basics including…

  • How to sense energy intuitively to get familiar with how YOU perceive energy (we’re all unique, right?!)
  • Learn the ‘clues’ that generally accompany accurate information
  • Experience how to send and receive communication with animals telepathically
  • How to practice beyond this training in order to strengthen your skills, get feedback and confirmation

You will also learn…

  • How to proceed in a dialogue when you don’t sense anything from the animals
  • What to do when your moments of doubt or insecurity show up
  • Discover how to understand/make sense of images, words, feelings, etc.

The practice animals throughout the training include…

  • Talking with 15+ living or passed animals over the length of the course
  • Learn good questions to ask that help you get to know an animal and their viewpoints
  • Practice talking with your own animal family
  • Work with select species, wild or demestic, that interests you

Talk with animals around specific topics like

  • Ask what animals up for adoption seek in a forever home
  • Inquire with animals about their fears and how we can help them
  • Learn to be sensitive to how the animal is feeling as you speak with them
  • Learn about their jobs, relationships or their past history
  • We’ll discuss the ethics of animal communication
  • We can discuss business approaches if desired

Students sometimes as, “Will I be a professional animal communicator at the conclusion of the 10 Week course?”

No, you will not be a professional, simply because the ease and fluidity of conversing telepathically with animals develops over time with increased practice and experience, as with most professions. It’s a natural unfolding that evolves with practice.

So yes, there is a learning curve. With that said, it’s a pretty ENJOYABLE learning curve! It’s also surprisingly fast to learn the basics– faster than what most people think!

Investment for 10 hours of private, personalized training with Danielle:  $997.00

Interested?  Then click on the application form link below, which better helps me get to know you and your interest in the 10 week course!  Upon submission allow 48 hours for a response!  We can then arrange to talk by phone (free) to answer questions and see if I am a good fit for you!

Click for the Application Form


1:1 Phone & Skype Training Testimonials

“I Just finished my 1:1 training. Danielle is a great teacher. I always felt comfortable during our sessions, never felt judged or incapable. She always lifted me up and was very attuned to how I needed to learn something where I was stuck.”

Andie, UT

Taking the 10 week 1 : 1 training with Danielle was a wonderful and invaluable way to build confidence. Danielle is such a caring and sensitive guide and teacher.

I would really look forward to each session as she made developing animal communication skills and learning new ones such an enjoyable experience.  Each session builds on the last one and being in a 1 : 1, meant that Danielle was able help me to work on any fears or doubts that would come up about my ability to communicate and I cannot thank her enough for the support and encouragement I received.

Denise, Wales

“A very thought-out well constructed 1:1 phone course that gave me the confidence to communicate with animals on day one.  Loved Danielle’s mindset, her open-mindedness and her professionalism. It was everything I had hoped for and more.  I also really liked Danielle’s overall generosity of spirit: she held nothing back and very much tailored the course for those who may seek to turn professional themselves.  I feel much more confident about my abilities now and it was great fun every step of the way.”

Sandra, USA

When I started my 1:1 sessions with Danielle, I had taken many other workshops and courses but was feeling that there was not enough practice and validation.  I was still wondering if what I was getting from the animals was real or coming from my mind.  I didn’t trust myself enough and felt that I needed help. Danielle was the perfect answer.

Here is how Danielle helped me:

  • I was able to trust myself through regular ‘no pressure’ sessions spread over time. Danielle offered a very calm attitude and believed that I could do it.
  • When I was “in my doubt box”, she helped me to concentrate on what I was doing well instead of what I was missing.
  • On the communications side, I learned how to approach the animals, practiced many questions and eventually learned how to  do it methodically to get the animal’s truth with the same compassion and love that Danielle has for animals.

Danielle is very supportive, nonjudgmental, and working with her didn’t only helped me to become a better animal communicator and better learn to speak the animal’s truth but to also work from a more compassionate human attitude.  I am very lucky and grateful to have found her on my path of becoming a professional animal communicator.

Stella, France

“Danielle is a rare and natural teacher. She is grounded and organized, thus able to ensure that I received all the training that was needed. At the same time she was open, flexible, and agile in her ability to customize the 10 week training so it fit me exactly. My very highest appreciation and rating to Danielle!!

I chose to learn in a one-on-one setting because I know that sometimes my sensitive nature can be impacted by group dynamics. I’m so glad I chose this learning path as it was tremendously thorough and comprehensive and allowed much focus on my particular strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to learning Animal Communication Danielle also provides plenty of tips regarding the business aspect so I felt well prepared to also work with the people of the animals, and in a variety of settings.

At graduation, rather than feeling sent off on my own Danielle made suggestions as to how I could continue to practice both on my own and with inexpensive groups she organizes. It quickly became clear that I’d received a very thorough training and was well on my way to mastering Animal Communication!

Usually I like to read less than stellar reviews about something also, as this gives me a fuller insight into the teacher or product. In an attempt to round out my review I have given time and thought as to what was less than stellar about this 10 week course, or Danielle. I have come up empty. This is an exceptional offering in every way.”

Ellen, CO

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