Animal Communication TeleClasses 

For the Animal Communication Student

All available teleclasses are designed for students who have taken a basic Animal Communication course with Danielle or another professional communicator and have been taught the basics of connecting with an animal and sending/receiving information.

The below classes are designed for beginner and advanced students.  They are offered to help you, the student, further explore your abilities and increase your fluidity and accuracy in communicating.  Repeated practice and immersion in this work strengthens your intuitive channels, aside from being fun to do.  Happy Communicating!

Upcoming Teleclass:  $35

Sensing a Pet’s Environment through their Body

Sunday, December 16, 2018 at 11am MT

This teleclass is held live on Sunday Dec 16th and runs for 1.5 hours.  Join live or get the recording to practice within the next 2 weeks.  All registrants will receive a recording of the call.

What this class is about…

This call is ALL about YOU and other students receiving intuitive impressions while energetically merged (in union) with the animal. This means connecting with them while looking out their eyes, hearing through their ears, feeling through their feet, etc.

Communicating with an animal while merged with them is sometimes a less often explored way that differs from the usual ‘Question and Answer’ version of communication.

Both methods are valid but there is something to be said for walking IN an animals shoes and sensing something firsthand.  It can yield details that might otherwise have been overlooked.

How this works and what will be explored….
This teleclass will find you guided to merge with animals from Danielle’s personal living animal family.  Through the animal, you will be guided to feel and sense through specific areas of the immediate environment around them.  You’ll be guided to feel textures, temperatures, identify flooring or walled type surfaces, view colors—all through the pet’s awareness and 5 basic senses. Confirmation and feedback will be given on the call. The value of this is two fold: sensing energy while being WITHIN an animal and also stretching yourself in order to sense for details.  

Danielle’s pets are in a completely new environment….
Can you still get value from this teleclass if you’ve met or worked with Danielle’s pets before?  Absolutely!  This is because Danielle and her animal family sold their Colorado home in November 2018 and are in a new, temporary living space outside of Colorado.  The animals are in an entirely different living environment with some big (but temporary) changes , while awaiting to close on their new home in South Carolina, in January.  So life and the environment indoors and outside is VERY different for ALL of Danielle’s pets, at this time.  So knowing them or not knowing them will not tell you about the present moment till you’re on the call discovering it first hand.

Animals to include…
We’ll work with some cats, a dog and a turtle.

How to Prepare…
Come to the conference call ready to practice opening your intuitive channels in order to receive all you can from the animals on pen and paper. One to two students will be invited for each animal to read through their list of what they received and then a detailed description of their living environments/spaces will be shared.  Compare what you heard to what truly is.  Photos of the pets will be given to all who register.

The goal is to allow you to

1. Practice your intuitive skills and get feedback/confirmation

2.  Practice receiving while in union/merged with an animal

3.  Practice stretching yourself in order to sense for specific details

Cost:  $35

To register, pay via paypal on the right.

After registering, allow 24 hrs to receive a confirmation email with the call-in number to the class and a link to photos.