Animal Communication TeleClasses 

For the Animal Communication Student

All available teleclasses are designed for students who have taken a basic Animal Communication course with Danielle or another professional communicator and have been taught the basics of connecting with an animal and sending/receiving information.

  1. A Phone Based Lecture-Style TeleClass for Student Animal Communicators


Cat Litter Box Education and Trouble Shooting 101

~ Discover Common Cat Box Preferences, Annoyances and Problems that effect Litter Box Use as shared  from the Cat’s Perspective!

~ Animal Communication Approaches to Discover what’s Going On

~ Real Case Scenarios

~ Learn Action Based Behavior and Environmental Modification Measures the Client can Implement

Teleclass Live Call will be held on
Saturday, June 8, 2019 11am ET
Investment: $40 

When and Where….
This teleclass is held live on Saturday June 8th, 2019 and will runs for 1hr-1.5 hours.  Join live or wait for the recording which will be sent to all registrants. Questions welcomed live on the call!

About your instructor…

Danielle’s knowledge stems from 3 main areas: her work in talking with countless clients’ cats with elimination issues as an experienced animal communicator, her prior days as a veterinary technician and her first hand experience as a cat owner who experienced and resolved elimination problems with her own cat through behavior/environmental modifications, and telepathic conversations.

What this class is about…

The purpose of this teleclass is to learn the key nuts and bolts of cat litter box use, aversion and what to do when aversion is happening.  This topic takes into account what cats have enlightened Danielle on over the years and is ideal for even the most seasoned cat owner/animal communicator.

Topics Covered Includes…

~The cat culture and their perspective on elimination and how it differs from the human culture

~Learn the not-so-obvious triggers that can start a cat into eliminating elsewhere in the home

~The role that constipation and/or diarrhea can play in litterbox useage

~Learn about the traits of the ideal litterbox–inside and out– from the cat’s perspective

~Learn the grievances and complaints cats have shared over the years about their boxes

~How location of a litterbox can effect your cat’s desire to use it or not

~The importance of a cat feeling safe in and around a box and how to provide escape routes

~Questions to ask when you are aiming to discover the root cause of innapropriate elimination

~Learn 15+ down to earth actions and environmental supports that helps many cats return to using their boxes

~Learn the role stress and self esteem plays with cats and litterbox behaviors– and how to BUILD their self esteem when insecurity is compromised

~ Hear Danielle’s story with her own cat box problem, methods used to resolve it and other real cases as a communicator

This information is years worth of knowledge compressed into lecture-style class– may it provide you, the student, with greater knowledge as you speak with the feline species and the owners who love them,

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