The Basic Course Teleclass:

Learn Animal Communication 

Sat/Sun  March 26-27, 2022

This is a live active teleclass ~
Taught by phone (or you can log in through a web link on your computer if you have chrome or firefox as your browser).

Class Fee:   $300.00

Class max is 6 students (LAST CALL–5 seats left as of March 25, 2022)


“Danielle’s presence alone puts you in a state of peacefulness and awareness.  There is so much vital information shared in this basic course that opens a gateway to a lifelong journey of communication with self and all of life.  I am so very grateful to have had this experience.”

  ~Umerah, NM

The Basic Course:  Learn Animal Communication

Instructor:  Danielle Tremblay

Class Format:  This teleclass allows you to partake live by calling in from your phone or via a web call link allowing you to listen and speak through your computer. 

It is taught over 2 consecutive days.  Prior to registering, all student must be able to commit to attend both class dates.

Do allow yourself access to a way to view animals while on the call for select exercises.  This can be done with an alternate computer near by, printing out the pictures in advance of the class or by simply allowing yourself to be reminded verbally of the animal’s description while on the call, in order to connect to a certain animal.

Danielle will provide all the practice animals for the class.

This class is a mix of lecture, various exercises and live communication with animals while on the call.  Student participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Understand this is not a video based conference.  It is live, however it is audio based and is hosted via Instant Teleseminar. All you need to be able to do is dial in with a phone or be at your computer where you can click on a web link that connects you live to the seminar.  Either option allows you to engage with the teacher live.  The web link is great if you’re a USA based or international student!

Note:  Telepathy does not require visuals in order to learn, which explains why this course can be sucessfully taught virtually and has been done many times before. Sensing and feeling energy happens from within you.   đź™‚

It’s a beautiful unfolding to awaken to your natural intuitive abilities, come to know yourself more and to listen to animals in a deeper way. 

Course Description:

-Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your receptive awareness of animals and utilize your own natural intuitive abilities.

-Learn tools and techniques to send and receive telepathic information and widen your awareness of who animals really are.

-Learn how to focus and quiet your mind when being with animals. Learn how to best approach communication with them.

-Learn to energetically see from an animal’s perspective to experience their unique point of view.

-Experience working directly with the animals and receive confirmation and feedback along the way.

-Practice talking with Danielle’s animals presented via photo to receive their thoughts, images and feelings.

-Discover your successes and blocks to communicating.

-Leave class with the basic beginner tools necessary to communicate as you continue to hone your skill.  â™Ą

Teleclass Meeting Times…

Day 1

Saturday March 26, 2022

Phone Class Meeting Times:

10am-noon ET   (2hr)


1pm-3pm ET   (2hr)

*Note the 1 hour built in lunch break. We’ll all be off our phones for this time.

Day 2

Sunday March 27, 2022

Phone Class Meeting Times:

10am-noon ET   (2 hr)


1pm-2:30 pm ET   (1.5 hr)

Class Total Hours: 7.5

*Note the 1 hour built in lunch break. We’ll all be off our phones for this time.
Items to have on hand during class: Pen and paper, a water bottle (hydration is important in this work), pictures of Danielle’s animals sent via email prior to class.

Recommended Prior Reading: Animal Talk by Penelope Smith

Following Class:  After the class is complete, emails of all students (unless you request not to partake) will be distributed to all class attendees.  This is for the purpose of helping you network with others interested in practicing their new skill set.

Practicing the tools and techniques beyond the end of class is what takes a student beyond a beginner.  This class is a starting point and while you won’t be a professional at the end of class, your continued practice beyond class can start to move you in that direction!  (It was a class such as this that Danielle started her own journey with!  It’s a great foundational class for anyone wanting to get their feet wet!)

This class runs with 2 registered students and with a max of 6 students. 

Students who may enjoy this kind of group learning find that they welcome the company of other like-minded people and are willing to ask questions as they arise!  Students willing to ‘put themsevles out there’ in sharing what they believe they sensed from an animal while live on the call— for feedback and confirmation purposes— can get so much out of this kind of training.

This is designed as a beginner’s course.  No proior training of any type is required.  Simply arrive with an open mind and an open heart. 

Before registering for this class, please ensure you are able to attend both training sessions live.

~You must be 18 yrs or older to register. If younger, please have your parent contact Danielle before registering at 


How to register:

There are 2 steps to registering:

1.  Fill out the  FORM HERE that introduces yourself to me!  I love getting to know my students!

2.  Click the paypal button to pay the class fee per person of $300.00.  If you prefer to mail a check in advance of the class, reach out to Danielle via email.

By registering and paying to attend, you acknowledge that refunds requested prior to March 26, 2022 will be given minus a $30.00 cancellation fee.  No refunds will be be offered on March 26th 2022.   

Register only if you can attend ALL of the call dates and times live, please. If you can’t attend live all portions of the class, do not register. Wait for another future date that you can partake fully in instead.

Questions about the class, it’s format, etc. are welcome prior to you registering.  Email them to:  insightwithanimals@

You can learn more about Danielle by clicking here .

P.S.  If the class fills and you’d like to be put on the waiting list in case a last minute cancellation occurs, this is doable.  Just ask.

After you’ve filled out the form, click the yellow paypal button to submit $300.00.  Look for your reciept from paypal to know that the transaction was sucessful.

Allow 24hrs to receive an email confirmation from Danielle that you are registered for class. 

Registration for the March 2022 Class is now closed. More classes will be offered in 2022. Dates to be determined.

What Students are Saying…

‘Thank you SO much! I feel like I got SO much out of this class! Much more than I ever expected!  I totally doubted my abilities but WOW! I’m stoked to continue learning. Thank you for that!’ Kelly, CO

I cannot thank you enough for your excellent beginning animal communication teleclass! I learned so much more than I was expecting. You are a gifted teacher. Eva, OH

Danielle has been a support for myself, my animals, and shelter/rescue animals for many years. Having had direct experience with positive outcomes with these animals, I know that Danielle has the ability to communicate with animals.

When her course was offered online, I was skeptical about how it would compare to a live class, but as she explains, telepathy doesn’t work that way. Her class gave me the confidence in my own innate ability to begin using the techniques to “tune in” to my dog and local wildlife.

I found that the techniques are not only helpful in this, but also in building general awareness that enhances the joy of living everyday. I highly recommend her course. Luci, WA

I cannot express how wonderful this class was! I was a little skeptical at first about learning telepathic communication via teleconference but it ended up being just perfect! Danielle thought of all the details and helped all of us in the class feel welcome, supported, and heard.

There was the perfect blend of educational content and practice time and I really enjoyed (and learned from) both sharing my experience and hearing about the other students’ experiences.

I walked away with more skills and confidence to really explore and practice animal communication on my own and I don’t think I would have gotten to this level so fast without the class and Danielle’s wonderful teaching skills and positive energy. Thank you Danielle! Carissa, NC

Dear Danielle,  Thank you so much for the animal communication training you conducted with Jennifer and I this weekend. It was awesome!!!

Please thank your 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles and guinea pig for helping you train us on our journey in learning to communicating with animals. I am sure it will continue to be a journey of self discovery, as well as, a sacred trust to enhance our relationships with our own animals, as well as assist as many animals and their people as we can.

You obviously have a great affinity for communicating with your animals.  I know that animals have so much to teach us, and I am excited to hear what lessons my current babies and my babies at the Rainbow Bridge have come into my life to teach me.  Thank you again for an enjoyable and inspiring day of learning!
Mary, SC

It began with having an Animal Communication session with Danielle, after which I found out she would be giving a class the following month. I immediately signed up with no hesitation! I can’t recommend Danielle enough! The information she communicated from my animal family in our session really changed my life. And she is a natural, wonderful teacher. Her guidance is encouraging, empowering, kind and she radiates compassion. Whether you are considering booking a session or taking a class, Danielle is truly gifted at what she does and will encourage your gifts as well.  Jennifer, SC

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