Animal Communication Facebook Practice

Welcome Student Communicators!  Are you a facebook user who would like to practice your animal communication skills on a private facebok page, along with a community of other animal communication students?  And work at your own pace? This offering may then be for you!

Every month or two, I host a new monthly practice group on facebook.  Each month offers 15 practice animals with 4 questions for each animal.  That’s 60 practice question opportunities!

Understand that this practice is not a teaching offering but rather a true practice opportunity, allowing students of various beginner and beyond levels to practice their skills.

Register Instructions for Practice 

Begin this practice November 18, 2018 or anytime after!

To register pay $25 via the button below.

Allow 1 business day to be emailed the practice page link.  You will have access to the page for 60 days from the link’s mailing

Understand that while I visually monitor the facebook pages every few days, it is meant as independent practice.

*Prerequisite:  You must have taken a basic animal communication class and know how to connect/tune into an animal.

How it works:

Once registered, students log onto a private facebook page that I manage.  The public can not access this page, only students that I manually add can.

Once there, you will find the 15 animals posted.  Follow the directions for each and ask them the questions provided.

You are then invited to post what you received from the animals  in the comments section under the post (optional) or record it on paper, as you prefer.

To evaluate your response for accuracy, you’d then scroll down further in the post and look for my post which idicates what I heard from the animal on the same questions.

Upon registering you will be given instructions on how to best compare your answer to what I heard.  Allowing you to know if you are ‘in the ballpark’ as far as accuracy or ‘out of the ballpark’.

You will also be instructed upon registering on how to go about connecting with the animals at the time the video was recorded— so that we’re all asking the animal the same questions from the same moment in time.  So we CAN get similar answers.

Each month’s practice offers new and different animals from previous months, allowing student communicators to partake each month it’s offered, if they desire, without duplicates.

Past themes have included reptiles, ocean life, birds, dolphins, wild cats, etc.

A Sample Exercise from A Past Practice:

Check it out!  Below is a screen shot of a past facebook practice held in 2018.  You’ll see students who partook along with my reply for students to compare their answers to.  This is what the practice looks like!


Past Animal Communication Practices still Available!

Past Practice Still Available for Purchase:  Elephants

To partake in this self-paced private facebook page practice, click the paypal button below.  Allow me 24hrs to add you to the page and off you go!   Cost:  $25

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