Follow Up  Coaching for Beginner Animal Communicators

So you’ve taken an animal communication class with Danielle or another animal communicator and have questions or seek follow up coaching?  Great! 

Coaching time with Danielle can look like…

-Having your questions/concerns answered

-Guidance on navigating blocks or revisiting a technique/skill

-Spending your time practicing with Danielle’s animals and get feedback and guidance along the way

All coaching is 1:1 and held by phone or skype 

Coaching with Danielle Tremblay

~ Coaching is held by Phone or Skype

30 minute coaching session…  $130

45 minutes coaching session… $160

60 minute coaching session…  $190


Step #1:   Book a Coaching Session

Click the time frame you seek to book, below.  Note: This step is independent of the payment step (#2).  Please return to this page after booking to complete payment.


Click to book 30 minutes of coaching

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Step #2:   Payment

Select the time frame from the dropdown box and click the ‘Buy Now’ paypal button.  This finalizes your coaching session appointment.

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