My name is Danielle Tremblay and I am a professional animal communicator in the USA.

I work with animal of all species for clients (held by phone or skype) and clients can schedule themselves in online through my other website: www.InsightwithAnimals.com.

THIS website that you are reading is focused on the classes in animal communication classes that I teach. Are you interested in learning how to do this work yoursef?  To talk with animals?  Keep reading!

I teach and offer…

♥  The Basic Course:  How to Communicate with Animals (2 Day Class) Live via zoom

♥ ♥   The Basic Course:  How to Communicate with Animals (2 Day Class) Live and in person!

♥ ♥ ♥  Private one on one Animal Communication Training  (Via phone or skype)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   Private Follow Up Coaching for students who have already taken an animal communication class with myself or another communicator

What Students are saying…

“I cannot recommend Danielle’s course highly enough!  She is a natural teacher and is so talented with animal communication.  She was able to answer every one of my questions and I was so happy with the layout of the course. The practice was the best part and having Danielle verify my answers also helped my confidence tremendously.”

~Elisha, Australia

“The one on one phone class with Danielle is phenomenal. Her guidance is gentle and confidence building at the same time. She is always there for you, in constant communication.  She lets you decide how fast or slow to take things. Gives you plenty of opportunity to learn, grow, practice and receive guidance.”

~Becky, NY

“I just finished my 1:1 training. Danielle encouraged me to move past my fear to do practice sessions with friends and family and I’m glad she did. It has become much easier transitioning to be on my own. From beginning to end, the lessons built on each other. Not only did I become more attuned to my inner hearing, I also learned in-depth techniques, business sense, and strategies to receive more information from the animal.”

~ Andie, UT

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