This website best serves those who innately know that there is more to an animal than meets the eye!  It also serves those who have a genuine desire to develop their own intuitive abilities as an animal communicator.

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What is Animal Communication?
In a nutshell, its is the ability to send and receive with an animal, which allows for a conversation to unfold.  In this way, a person can talk telepathically with animals of all species.

How is this done?
While all humans are naturally wired to be able to communicate telepathically with animals, most people are unaware of this natural talent, and thus it goes undernourished and for many, lies seemingly dormant.  With a little guidance, focus and practice, you intuition blossoms and grows.

Who can learn to become an animal communicator?
Anyone with an open mind and genuine desire to explore their natural, intuitive abilities!  They are already their and our goal in working together is to train you to access them at will.

Is it too late to learn?  I’m an adult.
While some people have been seemingly doing animal communication work since their childhood days, even more others (myself included) have come to activate and utilize it as a adult.  You’re never too old to access what is already within you and bring it to the surface.

Who is Danielle Tremblay? 
I am a full time professional animal communicator living in Colorado, USA.  I  have been doing this work professionally for clients since 2006 to the present and teaching student since 2008.  Read more about me here.

Who is your average student?
My students range in age from 12 to 70+.  I work with USA based and International students via skype, phone and in person classes.

What kind of success have your students acquired? 
Students who have attended my two day in-person classes are often surprised at just how fast they pick this work up!  In this and the phone/skype based learning, they are taught the basic skills of connecting, conversing and listening.  Some of my students take the class as a form of personal inner growth.  Many other students have taken the work farther in using it to speak with their own pets, animals in rescue and/or go on to become professional animal communicators themselves.

So if I want to learn animal communication, I can train under you?
Yes! I offer in person classes and phone/skype training.  I also offer additional practice for those who have already taken a basic course and are looking for more confirmation and feedback.

“The one on one phone class with Danielle is phenomenal. Her guidance is gentle and confidence building at the same time. She is always there for you, in constant communication.  She lets you decide how fast or slow to take things. Gives you plenty of opportunity to learn, grow, practice and receive guidance.”

~Becky, NY

“I just finished my 1:1 training. Danielle encouraged me to move past my fear to do practice sessions with friends and family and I’m glad she did. It has become much easier transitioning to be on my own. From beginning to end, the lessons built on each other. Not only did I become more attuned to my inner hearing, I also learned in-depth techniques, business sense, and strategies to receive more information from the animal.”

~ Andie, UT

“I cannot recommend Danielle’s course highly enough!  She is a natural teacher and is so talented with animal communication.  She was able to answer every one of my questions and I was so happy with the layout of the course. The practice was the best part and having Danielle verify my answers also helped my confidence tremendously.”

~Elisha, Australia

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