Working with Animals from History E-Book:

Exercises for the Animal Communication Student


Ever wonder what deceased animals from the pages of history might say?  If you’re an animal communication student seeking ‘do at your own pace practice’ with such animals, this e-book is for you.


            An E-book of Exercises   WorkingWithAnimalsFromHistory

This e-book contains 20 animals and 60 practice questions for the student communicator seeking independent practice. Answers are provided to compare what you heard to what the animals told Danielle, allowing you to asses your accuracy. 

Work with dogs, sheep, horses, monkeys and other species.  Each enclosed animal has actively agreed to partake in helping you practice, as each was asked individually at the time of the e-book’s creation.

This is suitable for the beginner to advanced communication student and best serves those who have taken a basic animal communication class.  It is not a teaching course in and of itself.  To view a sample page, click here.

Upon purchase allow 24-48 hrs. for Danielle to email the e-book to you which comes as a set of PDF files.




“I just wanted to let you know that your Ebook has been absolutely amazing and built up my confidence enough to do real-life readings!
Thank you so much for writing the book. I really felt a connection with all of the animals and only got a few things wrong.”  ~Sally, UK


Ebook Cost: $35.00