Animal Communication Online Practice Group:

Once a month, Danielle runs this group. A different theme or group of animals is selected each month. Past themes have included reptiles, ocean life, birds, animals up for adoption, wild cats, etc. Each month offers new and different animals from previous months, allowing the student communicators variety without duplicates.

How this practice works…


Duration: Fifteen practice days in a row, with a different animal posted each day for the 15 days. The above image informs you of the upcoming month’s theme and date of when the first animal is posted.


Prerequisite: You must have taken a basic animal communication training of course with an animal communicator before to be set to go to practice with the selected animals and/or have experience in the intuitive arts arena such as in mediumship where you feel comfortable connecting with a specific being to enter a conversation.  

How to partake: You must have a account (which is free) to access the private page where this practice is held.


What to do:  Each day of the practice, generally by 11 am MT, Danielle posts 1 animal along with 3 questions for you to ask that animal. When it’s convenient for you, log onto the page, ask the animal and record what you get in the comments section below the animal’s photo.

Don’t read what other students posted until after you’ve posted your answer or you may not be as clear in listening.  After 2 days have passed, Danielle will post what she heard from the animal and you can see if you got the general concept or idea the animal was trying to get across.


Self-evaluation: When you register for the first time, Danielle will email you guidelines on how to fairly evaluate what you got from the animal to see if you’re ‘in the ballpark’ or not.  This is important to consider because what each person gets will sound different as far as how it comes through and yet the general concept or idea, if you heard the animal correctly, will be there.


Length of time you have to access the FB page: All students are given till the end of the day on the 29th of the same month of the practice to catch up with any animals they missed as they were posted.  After this extension, students are removed from the board in prep for the next month’s practice round.

If you wish for additional practice, simply scroll down to previous month’s practice rounds found on the facebook page in older posts (as I don’t delete them).  In this way, you can get as much additional practice in as you desire through the 29th.

Note: It is left up to you to log onto Facebook and practice when you can, as often or as little as you wish to.  Posting on the board what you get from the animals is encouraged but not required.


Investment Cost for the 15 days of Practice:  $20  



Our next round starts November 8, 2017!

To register, pay through paypal below.









 Click the below thumbnails to enlarge the image and view past practice animals!








bird AC FB thumbnail             octopus FB thumbnail           platypus