The Basic Course is a class designed for people who would like to learn how to communicate with animals.  This is a class for beginners and no prior experience in the intuitive arts is necessary.  This class offers a solid foundation for you to begin your journey in this sacred work.     


Course Description:  9 hrs total

Day 1:  Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your receptive awareness of animals and utilize your own natural intuitive abilities. Learn tools and techniques to send and receive telepathic information and widen your awareness of who animals really are.  Deepen your communion with all life as you prepare for an afternoon of working directly with the animals.


Know that between day 1 and 2, you will process your learnings naturally overnight (as you sleep) before returning refreshed on Sunday.  Learning in this 2 day format way prevents information and energy overload and offers you the best opportunity to integrate and utilize your new skills! 


Day 2: Learn how to focus and quiet your mind when being with animals. Learn how to best approach communication with them.  Learn to energetically see from an animal’s perspective to experience their unique point of view.  Practice talking with animals present in the class and with animals at home (through photos) to receive their thoughts, images and feelings.   Discover your successes and blocks to communicating.  Leave class with the basic tools necessary to communicate as you continue to hone your skill, increasing your fluidity over time. 


Items to Bring: Pen/paper, photos of your animal family & a bagged lunch both days

Recommended Prior Reading: Animal Talk by Penelope Smith

Cost: $145.00/person  



Q:  Can anyone learn how to communicate telepathically with animals?

A:  Yes!  Qualities I’ve observed in students who really take to this class tend to have a few things in common such as being genuinely interested in animals.  They also have an openess and willingness to discover most of who they are and how to go about accessing their intuitive channels (which may be undeveloped as of yet).

I have taught this class since 2008 and find that most students are amazed at the speed in picking up this work.  It takes less time than one might think!  That’s because we are made of energy and sensing energy is actually very natural to us— we’ve just not necessarily had anyone point that out!  Nor have people told us how to open our intuitive channels upon request (vs. at random)– we generally need help there and the catalyst of a teacher can be immensely helpful! 

We also generally need guidance on how to become more internally still in order to listen and how to pay attention to the telepathic information animals send us.  This class covers that and more.


2018 Class Dates

Classes run with a minimum of 2 students and a max of 6.   Held in Peyton, Co (15 min NE of Colorado Springs).  Saturday times:  10am-3pm (5 hrs) + Sunday times: 10am-2pm (4hrs). Students are to bring a bagged lunch to eat in class, both days.


Sat/Sun  January 20-21, 2018 

4 of 6 seats available


Sat/Sun  May 19-20, 2018 

 6 seats available


Additional 2018 dates TBD


To register for a class, use paypal below.  Allow 24hrs for a response via email from Danielle confirming your seat.





“Danielle’s presence alone puts you in a state of peacefulness and awareness.  There is so much vital information shared in this basic course that opens a gateway to a life long journey of communication with self and all of life.  I am so very grateful to have had this experience.”                                      

                                                                    – Umerah, NM