How to Transition from a Student

to Professional Animal Communicator Teleclass

This on Demand Call from Jan. 2017 is available for purchase



This live call will discuss the following topics:

-Getting clear on where you are and where you want to go

-How to handle the fear and doubts that may emerge as you become professional and how NOT to let them stop you

-How to be seen/attract clients/find clients with or without a website

-Whether to charge or not and discomforts around the entire topic plus various ways of accepting payment

– How to use technology and nontechnological methods of advertising

-The 4 main ways of even DOING this work with clients that are available to you

-Simple scheduling strategies that are free or low cost

-Ways to create recordings for clients/get them distributed

-Setting healthy boundaries with clients and what that looks like

-Why their is nobody out there like you who can do what you do! There IS no competition!

-Addressing the questions you have on this topic


Teleclass Prerequisite:  You must have taken at least 1 animal communication class

You can be live on the call or if unable to attend, wait to receive the recording within 24hrs after the call.  All registrants will receive a recording. The call in # for class will be given via personal email from Danielle after you’ve registered.


Purchase this class below. Allow 24 hrs. to receive this recording via email. 

Class Cost: $50.00



What students are saying…


“Thank you so much for your time and wonderful, very helpful information in this class. You inspire me and give me hope as a beginning animal communicator. I thank you for giving us students, that are having trouble transitioning to professional, this opportunity and also helping to build our confidence to just get out there and do it!” ~Carla, OR


“Thank you so much for such a great and informative class!! It helped so much to hear that my fears and anxieties are normal, and that even you, someone that I look up to as being such an amazing communicator, experienced these same fears. I did have a lot of questions on how to move forward and your class tonight really helped me form a plan of action. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~Danielle, NJ

“Danielle, I just wanted to thank you for yet another beautiful learning session today. I took 10 pages of notes and my finger is just about ready to fall off!! Every single topic that you covered really resonated with me and has helped me just that much more than you already have. I felt like you read my mind and then answered every single question that has come up for me. THANK YOU.” ~Tracy, IL