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This teleclass was offered live in October of 2015 and is now available via downloadable recording for anyone interested in exploring exercises and guided meditations that invite you to become internally still enough to sense energy. The type of energy we explore includes sensing images in our mind’s eye (aka third eye), perceiving the energy of words, feeling energy from the earth, feeling your own inner life force energy and more. 


There is no experience or special background necessary to fully engage in the exercises. Our plethora of 5-12 minute long exercises involves staying awake despite working with our eyes closed. You will wish to work from a quiet, distraction free room, as this will best support you in relaxing in order to focus inwardly, on sensations of energy.


Students are encouraged to have pen and paper handy to take notes of your own unique experience following each exercise. This helps anchor the experience in.


This call is designed to be an enjoyable, fun class allowing you to explore more about yourself, how you feel energy as an individual and how you respond to energy. 

Danielle will use the email you supply to paypal to send the recording to, unless you email her separately indicating a different preferred email.  Even though you are partaking in the teleclass by recording, you can fully engage in each exercise and get as much out of the experiences as if you had been on the live call. 

Being able to sense energy simply adds another tool to your toolbox of life, that allows you to navigate it with great insight.


Teleclass Recording:  $35.00

Length of Call: 2hrs + 19 minutes 

Pay using the paypal button below, then allow 24hrs. for your recording to be emailed to you. 







Note: This is not an animal communication class of any type. Rather, it is a separate, stand alone class for anyone with an interest in perceiving energy by becoming still and focused. No prior skills needed.


For those who are students of animal communication, a class such as this will help you further strengthen your channels of perceiving energy because you’re bringing your active awareness to the process of perceiving with every exercise we do. It’s just another way of actively engaging your intuitive muscles in sensing energy.

What Students are Saying…


“Thanks for a great course! There were so many great exercises to practice and food for thought! I really found it to be personally helpful to me.”   Joanne, CT

Great class that answered some questions for me and helped me gain access to and define the energy in and around me.  And the importance in leaving judgments completely out of the picture–they don’t belong.  Thanks for teaching me how to free myself from blockage to let energy run through and around me.  And how to avoid or remedy ‘stuffed’ emotions.”  ~Katy, ID

“I loved the class.   It was very very helpful for me.  Doing all the different exercises was amazing.  Connecting with the Earth was especially strong for me.”  ~Karen, HI