My Journey into Animal Communication…


I did not grow up knowing I could speak with animals or that animals could talk. Rather, it was a learned skill that I discovered existed in 2005, when I was 28 years old.

As a child I observed animals with immense interest. I so valued the array of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, etc. that graced my life. As a teen I read and wrote unpublished books about fantastical magical creatures and drew pictures of animals with great interest.

I attended college and graduated with a degree in veterinary technology and worked in the field for 5 years at two small animal clinics in Pennsylvania, an SPCA and later an animal emergency clinic in upstate NY. At this phase of my life I was still unaware of the animal communication field.

I later entered graduate school to pursue a NY state teaching degree in public education to satisfy an inner desire to teach and taught 8th grade science for 6 years while continuing to vet tech on weekends.

In 2005 my ‘ordinary’ life changed. During my second year teaching, I recall walking through my apartment one day and saying, “There has to be something more to life than this! Something more than work, eat sleep and work again! But what is it and why am I here?”

In retrospect, I’ve realized that one of the quickest ways to change one’s life is to ask questions of the Universe/Divine/Life itself! My above questions stirred up the energy of the Universe and the Universe began to respond– offering a plethora of metaphysical and energetic topics to explore.

I began having conversations with key people placed in my path that were of a spiritual nature and I began learning about and recalling past lives, became reiki trained, explored the dream state, out of body experiences and other metaphysical topics of interest. In a nutshell, I became intensely curious about life and my role in the spectrum of things.

During this same time, an acquaintance relayed that she intuitively foresaw me ‘talking with thousands of animals’. She was a gal with strong mediumship skills and I trusted the information although I’d never heard of such a skill before. Later that night I googled ‘people talking to animals’ and came upon the field of animal communication.

I discovered this work could be learned by anyone because we’re all intuitively designed by nature. With immense interest, I located a communicator, experienced a phone session with my animals & pursued formal training 2 months later via in person classes. I knew before I even took the class that this would become my next career. I was determined to learn this. Since I’ve always believed that anything is possible, I had little doubt that anything could stop me.

In 2006, 1.5 yrs. after I took my first formal course to do learn this work, I went professional outside of my regular day job as a teacher and by mid 2009, left teaching to follow my heart in doing this work full time.

I am grateful to be of service to so many amazing human beings and to their animal families. I have a great interest in assisting in problem solving with animals, in sensing their bodies for illnesses and general well being and in talking with pets living and passed.

Above all though, I especially enjoy teaching animal communication to others who feel drawn to learning this skill. Why? Because as we embrace our often ‘too quiet’ intuitive sides, we rediscover more of our own divine nature… more of ourselves. The more we begin to recognize who we truly are, the more easily and boldy we’re willing to allow ourselves to express ourselves and our own beautiful uniqueness. It also allows us to engage with others (two and four footed) in a more loving, compassionate way.

~Danielle Tremblay


Danielle lives in sunny Colorado with her animal family consisting of dogs, cats, a guinea pig and aquatic turtles. She does animal communication full time.

She offers low cost work for nonprofit animal rescue organizations including Circle of One Animal Sanctuary in AZ, My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue of CO, Animal Rescue of the Rockies in CO and the Montgomery County SPCA of upstate NY.  If you are a director of a nonprofit rescue and seek to inquire about the low cost rate for a shelter-owned animal, please email Danielle.