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Are you an animal communication student?  If you’ve taken 1 class or more and now are looking for a one time or occasional animal communication teacher to give you instant feedback in what you hear an animal say or to help you navigate blocks or challenges to feel you’re facing on your journey, know that Danielle facilitates this by phone or skype.

At the price of $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for 60 minutes, you can have private mentoring on the questions and topics of your choice.

Danielle so enjoys facilitating students and wishes to see them excel, hence the reduced cost of this private mentoring.  Expect coaching tips and suggestions or outright practice with an animal, if that’s how you’d prefer to spend the time. 

If you are seeking a communicator to do a session fully for you (vs. you doing it and getting feedback on what you got), please book a session on her client website, under the “sessions” page found here:


“Thank you Danielle for our Mentoring session a couple of days ago. I have been experiencing a specific block with my communications with animals for some time, and within 5 minutes of our discussion, you helped me shift it completely!!
I am feeling free, light and excited when I meet the animals knowing that those blocks I carried subconsciously, no longer hold me back from clearly listening to the animals and translating it to their human family.”  -Joanne, UK


How to Book Directions:

1.  Book yourself into the calendar below.

2.  Return to this page (if not redirected) to complete prepayment by clicking the paypal button below, which secures your booking.

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