Animal Communication Practice Gathering

                             Colorado Springs, CO

                         Sunday January 28, 2018

                            10am-12:00  (2 hrs) 

                                    Cost:  $20


  This live, in person practice gathering is for those animal communication students who have been previously trained under Danielle in the “How to Communicate with Animals” course and who…


     *Are seeking to practice your animal communication skills

     *Are seeking feedback and confirmation on what you get from an animal 

     *Wish to work in a supportive environment and meet other students


Our 2 hours together will be ALL Practice to include:

*Group Practice with animals Danielle brings to the gathering

      *Practice with fellow classmates’ pets—- so bring your pets’ photos!    

Register by prepaying $20 below.

A confirmation email will be sent within 48hrs of your payment with the location’s address. You must register at least 48 hrs in advance.

Prerequisite:  This opportunity is available to those trained by Danielle Tremblay.  If you’ve trained under another communicator, please email Danielle first with whom you trained under and when, to be considered.  This practice is not a repeat of the “How to Communicate with Animals” basic course. Rather its a gathering designed to offer practice for animal communication students who have already been taught the most basic skills. Its a place to further strengthen your skills in a supportive environment. 

Seating is limited to 8 students.