Are you new to animal communication and interested in an overview of the field?

Danielle speaks about this work in person through Colorado Free University in Denver, CO. There is no prerequisite to attend.  


Course Description:

Animal Communication is the act of telepathically communicating or ‘talking’ with animals. Discover what this career is about, how communicators receive their intuitive information and what it takes to be a good communicator. Hear what animals say through presented case studies in the realm of behavior, health, deceased pets, lost pets and relationships.

Receive take-home tips on how you, the everyday pet lover, can enhance your relationship with animals by speaking out loud to them in specific ways. See a demonstration of the work via brief readings conducted in class– just bring your pet’s photo!


Fee:  $48

Register through Colorado Free University by clicking here.


Upcoming Classes:

Saturday 1-3:30pm  on April 16, 2016