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Do you seek to learn animal communication in a 1:1 private mentoring format? Having Danielle guide you every step of the way?  Then this may be for you!


The 10 week Private Mentoring Intensive Training is ideal for those completely new to animal communication or for those who may have taken a class or two and seek personalized assistance and further exposure to the aspects and topics one often encounters when talking with animals.

The scheduled dates of 10 one hour sessions can be scheduled in a way that works for your schedule at once or twice a week, as you prefer.


During this training you will learn the basics including…


  • How to sense energy intuitively
  • Get familiar with how YOU perceive energy (we’re all unique, right?!)
  • Learn the ‘clues’ that generally accompany accurate information
  • Experience how to send and receive communication with animals telepathically
  • Learn how to set yourself up for success for email, skype, phone and in person animal communication session formats



Also learn how to troubleshoot for yourself…


  • How to proceed when you don’t sense anything
  • What to do when your moments of doubt or insecurity show up
  • Discover how to understand/make sense of images, words, feelings, etc.


The Practice animals include…


  • Talking with 15+ living or passed animals over the length of the course
  • Learn questions that help you get to know an animal and their viewpoints
  • Talking with your own animal family 
  • Learn questions nearly any animal owner can give you feedback on



Gain exposure to topics you can discuss with animals like…


  • What animals for sale or adoption seek in a forever home
  • Inquire with animals about their fears
  • Learn to be sensitive to how the animal is feeling as you speak with them
  • Learn about their jobs, relationships or their past history



Q. Will I be a professional animal communicator at the conclusion of the course?

A. Not a professional, no.  Simply because the ease and fluidity of conversing telepathically with animals develops over time with practice and experience, as with most professions. It’s a natural unfolding that evolves with practice.  


So yes, there is a learning curve. With that said, it’s a pretty ENJOYABLE learning curve! It’s also surprisingly faster to learn the basics– faster than what most people think.  🙂


Do understand that this training is a solid starting point for you to launch off from and that additional practice beyond this course will help you further strengthen your intuitive muscle.  Time, practice and experience being your companions on this journey can take you far. 





Your Course Investment:






I’m interested!  What do I do?


Click the button below to fill out an application which helps me to get to know you, your goals and interests.  It helps me to also know if I’m the right teacher for you.

Allow 48 hrs. for a reply whereupon if it feels right to pursue, we can connect briefly (at no cost to you) by phone or skype to answer any questions you might have about the course, clarify your goals and allow you to get the sense if I and the training is a good fit.








Danielle’s intention in offering this high quality, ‘move at your pace’ private training is to create the most conducive learning environment and experiences for you to achieve your goal of hearing and being in communication with animals.


Danielle aims to set you up for success as you start out on your own personal journey in this work.


She’s been offering this private mentoring since 2013 and has been teaching classes since 2008.   See Testimonials on the right Sidebar for this course.