Dear Animal Loving Friends,   


Welcome!  This website best serves two groups of people, one being those who are interested in learning animal communication for the first time and secondly, those who have already taken a basic class and are actively seeking practice opportunities.

When I first began my own journey in taking classes in animal communication in 2005, I was in awe at the amount accurate information I and my classmates got, just as first time beginners.

These days, as a full time animal communicator, I can honestly say the continued practice I did on my own following basic and advanced classes was a key component to the skill level I’ve acquired today. The human and animal teachers that worked with me then and the current students that work with me now, all hold a special place in my heart and I desire to continue to share this skill with others.  May it nurture your hearts as it has my own!


Animal communication is available to anyone around the world these days.  Many books on the field, online trainings and practice opportunities with communicators globally exist.  If you are willing to invest in YOU and YOUR desire to have deeper experiences with animals, then the world is your oyster!  


In Joy of the Beauty this World Offers, 


Danielle Tremblay

Professional Animal Communicator since 2006

Animal Communication Teacher since 2008

Colorado, USA